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Stranger Things is Back!!!

Eleven is back!!!!!
Stranger Things is here for it's season two premiere and I am incredibly excited. The last time we've seen the beautiful Eleven, she had just used her powers on a massive level to save her friends. She demolished a Demogorgon and ended up sending herself back to The Upside Down.
We also cannot forget that Will Byers is now at a point where he is in both our dimension and The Upside Down at the same time. At least that is the conclusion i have come up with from my observation after he was taken by the Demogorgon in season one. That ability can come to be a great advantage as well as a huge downfall for a traumatized kid such as himself.
Now the new concern is the huge monster that appears in the clouds at the end of the teaser trailer. I am so excited and terrified for what may occur and we get to see it all next week.
Get ready for Halloween!!!!
I'm sure this season will make you tremble 😈