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The Defenders (Series Release)

Next week is the huge premiere of the this new and lovely series "The Defenders" and i'm ready to see these people kick some ass. For the ones unfamiliar with these characters, you can read a brief summary of each below. For all of the nerds who are officially caught up to today's events in these series, this isn't a real shock. These four were bound to run into each other at some point in time. If not because they obviously have the comic book saying they will meet, but simply because they are in the same state and they are bound to cross the same bad guy that wants the super people to stop interfering in their business.

Now is the time to meet the members of this little band.

Iron Fist (a.k.a) Danny Rand
The most recent of the four Netflix original releases is "Iron Fist". This series revolves around Danny Rand, who is a assumed to be dead billionaire. The main power he has, other than great martial arts skills, is the ability to direct his internal chi into his fists to become a weapon. He comes back home ready to reconnect but is treated like a threat and he finds some unexpected enemies. The character Danny is played by Finn Jones. I'm not a big fan of this series in comparison to the previous ones, but i was intrigued enough to make it to the end.
Luke Cage
The third series to grace us with it's highly anticipated appearance is "Luke Cage". His super abilities revolve around the realm of impenetrable skin and super strength due to a ruined experiment. He is the more laid back superhero that prefers to stay on the sidelines but he somehow always finds himself in the middle of things. Luke is played by Mike Colter who first showed up on the series Jessica Jones right before getting his own spotlight.
Jessica Jones
The second series to appear on Netflix, and my personal favorite, is "Jessica Jones". She is the underdog superhero that i'm pretty sure no really knew of until this series was released. Jessica has the ability of super strength, limited invulnerability, and flight. (She doesn't know she's able to fly yet.) She went through a few massive hardships as a Superhero and just decided to use her skills toward being a private investigator. Jessica is played by Krysten Ritter, which i think is a perfect fit, making this my favorite series of the bunch.

Matt Murdock
The first series to appear with it's own Netflix original is none other than "Daredevil". The devil of Hell's Kitchen himself is played by Charlie Cox. He plays Matt Murdock, a blind lawyer, who happens to have enhanced senses due to his blindness that makes him more capable than most people who could see all their lives.

August 18th


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