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Waitin' on Miley

Miley's Rockin' Out

I as a fan would be above and beyond if Miley Cyrus takes a full dive into Rock/Alternative Music. I feel like that is what she's been leading up to and i'm ready to just arrive at this brand new destination. We've seen her do Pop, Country, Hip-Hop, etc for her albums and this is what should definitely be next on the list. She has the pipes for it but I feel she is always holding back. She seems so passionate and happy when she's whaling on a older, more gritty song. I want to see her like that all the time.

We already know her to be head strong, breaking the rules, and not giving a damn about who sees her do it. That attitude and passion she puts into things is exactly what Rock is. Lay your heart out on the track for everyone to hear. Cry, scream, stomp, and laugh all you want till you reach the last second of the recording. Here are few examples of what i'm talking about. I'm aware one of them is a Blues song but she screams on it anyway.

by: Joe Bonamassa & Beth Hart

by: Billy Idol

by: Led Zeppelin 

by: Aerosmith

by: Joan Jett and The Blackhearts

Who agrees with me?


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