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Girlboss is Badass!


"This is now my new favorite show and it screams at my soul"

I was on the brink of tears multiple times because i realized that i am almost exactly like Sophia, apart from being extremely bitchy. I am 23 years old myself and struggling to find my path on what i want to do with my future. I don't have a particular passion for anything yet, but i am fully aware that i don't want to get lost behind a desk listening to people who suck at what they do then repeat the same process tomorrow. That is the definition of insanity!

The choice for the main character Sophia was the best person ever and i don't see any other person on the planet doing the character justice besides Britt Robertson. She was incredibly fierce and unforgiving which was just purely amazing to watch. I may end up watching the entire season again just to admire her performance. Playing a character like Sophia requires a major set of balls.

I'm not sure if Sophia is brave or just crazy, but i admire her hard work and dedication. She goes above and beyond to get what she wants while proving to everyone that she isn't a child but a serious business woman. Her only enemy is her cocky attitude that tells everyone to fuck off. In most cases that is a beautiful thing but in this show it only gets her in trouble. Even when she has bitten off more than she can chew, somehow she can turn her bad situation into a goldmine. Watching her navigate everything in her own little world also took my breath away. She definitely hustles and manipulate ever situation even when her opponent thinks they have the upper hand to overpower her while they're two steps behind.

The surrounding cast created this beautiful environment while i was watching the show. Her friends are just as crazy as she is but they are also incredibly loyal and would literally go to war for her to say they had her back. The also didn't take her bullshit and returned all of her out of the box remarks. The dialog was witty, funny, complicated, yet simple. Each new person that she meets Sophia is somehow able to make a real connection with them where they can't forget each other. She meets her costumers and she talks to all types of shop owners to get merchandise and dibs on products. It never ends at just being business and becomes a relationship even if it's an unhealthy one. Each connection gives her a deeper insight on her life and what her next choice should be on her path to freedom. You will love everything in this series.

Apart from the story itself being fabulous, i was simply living for the soundtrack. It fed on the moods well and meshed with the environment. The music effortlessly displayed her steps, pain, lose, gain, and everything in between. My new favorite song is "I'll Come Crashing" by A Giant Dog because i loved seeing the look of pure destruction on her face whenever she heard that song playing in her head. I have a feeling you will appreciate it as well.

The wardrobe crew also did a fabulous job with the outfits that gave the vibe of each character. The bright colors and old styles were great. Everything i saw on screen was amazing and i appreciate every piece of it. I could go on and on about everything i loved in this show, but i will just say you need to watch it on Netflix. If you don't have Netflix, then borrow a friends information. Sit back and enjoy the ride to crazy-town.

"Love you, in case I die"


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