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Girlboss is Badass!


"This is now my new favorite show and it screams at my soul"

I was on the brink of tears multiple times because i realized that i am almost exactly like Sophia, apart from being extremely bitchy. I am 23 years old myself and struggling to find my path on what i want to do with my future. I don't have a particular passion for anything yet, but i am fully aware that i don't want to get lost behind a desk listening to people who suck at what they do then repeat the same process tomorrow. That is the definition of insanity!

The choice for the main character Sophia was the best person ever and i don't see any other person on the planet doing the character justice besides Britt Robertson. She was incredibly fierce and unforgiving which was just purely amazing to watch. I may end up watching the entire season again just to admire her performance. Playing a character like Sophia requires a major set of balls.

I'm not sure if Sophia is brave or just cr…

L'Oreal Hydrating Miracle

Hydra Genius
The L'Oreal Hydra Genius collection consist of the most recent moisturizers released by the brand. These moisturizers are said to have 72 hours of Intense and Continuous Hydration. I am here to say that the statement is completely true and I thought it would just be a bunch of crap. Most products that i've tried that say to have such intense moisture seem to be underwhelming and I didn't expect this to be any different. I am more than happy to be surprised by L'oreal stepping their game up in the skincare department. 
Apparently the formulas breaks into water upon contact with skin to deliver instant hydration and quick absorption. They are infused with Aloe Water and Hyaluronic Acid. There are labels for 3 skin types:

Normal/Dry SkinNormal/Oily SkinExtra Dry Skin
This is the first time I have ever seen a label specifically for people with "EXTRA" dry skin. I've always tried to find products for dry skin and none of them seem to hold up, but n…