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Top Horror Movies

This list will be updated regularly as a quick reference for Horror Movie fans.

As a hardcore horror movie fan, i feel like there really aren't a lot of movies out there that are considered true horror. I meet new people all the time that claim to be fans themselves but then go on to list horror movies that are funny, not scary, over dramatic, and pointless. I love those movies as well and i am not saying that they don't matter but when i think horror it involves scaring the audience, providing a compelling story, cohesive information that builds suspense, and obviously gore placed to make you feel the uncomfortable pressure of the situation. The movie that intrigue me the most are the ones that provide a psychological journey or forming a puzzle while identifying your fears. It shouldn't be strictly gore just for the sake of being gory.

If you have any suggestions, please name them in the comments.

The Collector
Trailer ⇠
A ex-con plans a heist at his new employers home in order to pay off his wife's debts to a loan shark. He just doesn't know that when he arrives there is already a psychopath in the house that has rigged every room to harm and kill.

The Conjuring Series
 ⇢ Trailer (Pt.1) Trailer (Pt.2)
Ed and Lorraine Warren are paranormal investigators that work with the church to help families get rid of dark presences that may arise.

Insidious Chapter 3
Chapter 3 of the Insidious series is the prequel to the original movie where the Lambert family were being haunted. This movie focused on the journey of psychic Elise Rainer and how she got back into this line of work after so many year. She has been compelled to help a teenage girl who now has a dark entity latched to her.

 ⇢ Trailer
A group of friends go on a cave expedition and it takes a turn for the worst. They are trapped, trying to find a way out when they are attacked by unusual predators.

Trailer ⇠ 
A group of people are trapped in an elevator and the Devil is hiding within the bunch. 

 ⇢ Trailer
A apartment building is being quarantined by the CDC when a reporter and her camera crew get trapped inside while following a group of firefighters. A virus gets released inside the complex turning people into killers/a.k.a zombies.

Two private investigators find a collection of VHS tapes when breaking into someone's home looking for a missing student. They then view the tapes and realize something terrible must have happened. 

 ⇢ Trailer
A young man is looking for answers behind his wife's murder when he comes across the ghost story of a murdered ventriloquist name Mary Shaw. He soon finds out that it's not just a story.

A man wakes up alone to a deserted world 28 days after a virus spreads throughout the UK. Now the few survivors are trying to find protection. 

 ⇢ Trailer
A huge storm arises in town bring forth a mist full of creatures. The town folk are forced to barricade a supermarket and fight for their survival until help comes.
A teenage girl is possessed by a demonic entity and her mother is forced to call in priests to save her. 

 ⇢ Trailer
A famous author gets into a car accident. He thinks he is saved by one of his fans who brings him home and takes care of him. He learns the hard way that she is not trying to make him better, she is holding him captive.

Trailer ⇠ 
A group of people are invited to a dinner party to earn money for a good cause. They are then asked to engage in a game of "Would You Rather" that turns dark immediately. 


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