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The Magicians Finale (Season Two Review)

SPOILER ALERT: Anyone who hasn't seen 'The Magicians' may not want to read some of the things i write below during my rant, but if you don't care for spoilers continue. What i say won't change the effect of how you will feel seeing everything happen as you watch.

So let's begin with saying this show deals with too much shit!

"Magic doesn't come from talent it comes from pain. The worst shit is somehow the exact shit that makes you better." - Eliot

This is the world where depression is an honor. The person who has given up on seeing any flicker of light in their future, any hopes, dreams, aspirations, or even just getting laid are the people with the most power. So you can have the greatest power in the world and never be able to enjoy it because power is equivalent to pain. Unless you sever your shade/soul, then in that case you may run around killing people like a delusional psychopath. The most powerful man walking around was repeated molested and raped as a child with his brother and sister dead by poison. He was in such emotional destress that he removed his own shade/soul and became what we know as "The Beast". If this doesn't make you re-evaluate your choices on being a magician, you wore bore ready to be a Brakebills student.

The Magicians is not one of the best shows i have ever seen but it is a train wreck that you just can't look away from. Who doesn't get excited about knowing that magic is real and you can do so much beyond your wildest dreams. After seeing this show i am actually happy that magic is not something attainable by the human hands because nothing but destruction follows and logic is thrown out the window at every turn. There are some simple situations that a normal human being with a good dose of common sense can think their way through, but magicians somehow aren't connected with that part of their brains.

Penny (Arjun Gupta) specifically is the person who lacks the most common sense and pisses me off every chance he gets. If he was a real person i'd want to make his life a living hell. Thanks to his smart ass mouth, Penny somehow gets his hands cursed, ends up flickering into worlds without oxygen (almost dying), then has to chop them off, have them grown back painfully, only for him not to be able to do magic. Now he has to chose between working for a complete asshole like himself or sign over his life. All of this and he still hasn't learned to shut up in the presence of a superior. The rest of the characters are crazy within reason, and it would be justified if they would all just decide to jump of a cliff together having a Thelma and Louise moment.

Kady (Jade Tailor) is a junkie dealing with survivor's guilt after leaving Julia alone with Raenard (The Trickster God) to be killed. When she finds out the Julia is alive and well she does whatever she can to pay back her debt. She sobers up with the help of a little magic elixir and tries to push Penny away to make this less complicated for herself to see the mission through.

Julia (Stella Maeve) was raped by Raenard (Mackenzie Astin) and is now pregnant with his child. Trying to find a solution to the problem, a beast is put on her tail to try and kill her to prevent the birth of such a abomination. Julia later gets the abortion only to wake up and find out her shade/soul is severed and now she's a mega cunt with no remorse. She doesn't take into account anyone else's feeling, she doesn't know right from wrong, and she clearly doesn't care. Everyone is afraid she will become another Martin Chatwin.

Alice (Olivia Taylor Dubley) kills herself in order to turn into a niffin (no soul or body, just purely magic) so she can kill The Beast a.k.a Martin Chatwin, saving everyones lives. She wants to be free, roam the world, and gather all the knowledge she can. The only downfall is that she is not stuck inside Quentin and can't go off to see the world. She is caged and helpless inside of him. It is a really terrible predicament for anyone.

Quentin (Jason Ralph) is facing the fact that the love of his life has died trying to save the world. Also holding the guilt that he had to released a monster on her to stop any further damage. Already in a broken state he then realizes Alice is not dead but stuck inside of him until he releases her. Quentin is ready to die before he kills Alice or let her free into the world. He is slowly dying because his body cannot contain the power of a niffin.

Eliot (Hale Appleman) dies when they are attacked on earth. He is then revived in Fillory where he has to fight a war which ends with him married again to bring piece to the kingdom. So he will now have a husband and a wife. He is now trumped with the responsibility of running a kingdom, planning a wedding, and trying to make sure a group of rebels don't try to kill him. Then there is the little issue of magical issues popping around everywhere in Fillory.

Margo (Summer Bishil) has fucked over the kingdom by making a deal that no one agreed to in order to save her best friend's life. She walks around knowing she will be responsible for Eliot losing his first born child. Then everything starts to go sideway when magic go bonkers. Everyone in the castle are slowly turning into mice, blondes are going missing, and gravity has no logic. Margo now has to face off with fairies to put everything back in place before their world is beyond repair.

Oh yeah...... If all that wasn't bad enough, there is Raenard who is still running around killing and eating people on planet earth. He also has a son who is a Senator that wants to be President. He will try to manipulate him to basically rule earth.

To wrap up this show in two words would be simple, "FUCK LIFE"!

I would never want to be a part of this world, and i wouldn't suggest it to even the sickest people i know. Heartache only lies here for anyone who loves magic. The bright side is that seeing their pain makes the rest of my week seem bearable. Watching their pain makes me appreciate the little victories of my mundane lifestyle, which i can appreciate. I also have to say that tutting involved in this show is simply brilliant. My brother and i run around memorizing them and making our own patterns. We will definitely be Hedge Witches for the first day of C2E2 (Comic Con).


  1. Wow! First of all I just loved the Eliot quote. I have never seen "The Magician" but after reading this I am tempted to watch it. Great post!


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