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Psychological Movies For the Weirdos

This list will be updated regularly as a quick reference for Psychological Movie fans.

This list is made for us weird people who watch the strangest things that make everyone else question our sanity. We like mystery, puzzles, sex, and blood all mixed together in the worst way. When you watch these movies you feel as though you are tripping on a few drugs you don't remember taking. 

The Cell
Trailer ⇠
A serial killer has abducted a young woman and hidden her away. She only has so long to live and the only way to find her is for a social worker, with access to new technology that allows her to enter his mind, to put the pieces together..

FBI trainees with the Psychological profiling program are stranded together on an island and find there is a killer hiding amongst them.

Trailer ⇠
50 strangers are held captive, dying one by one, and they must choose who amongst them deserves to live.

⇢ Trailer
A type office worker is bored with his life and comes across a soap maker who is planning to start a fight club, and everything spirals out of control.

Shutter Island
Story takes place in 1954, revolving around a U.S. Marshall who's goal is to find a murder who has escaped a hospital for the criminally insane on an island.

⇢ Trailer
A dedicated dancer is having a hard time grasping her sanity after being casted as the lead role in Tchaikovshy's "Swan Lake".

The Butterfly Effect
A young man named Evan Treborn suffers from severe blackouts growing up. When he gets older her figures out how to remember the moments he's lost and alter his life.

⇢ Trailer
A single mother and her two children are becoming convinced that the house that they live in is haunted.

An attorney with a very big ego thinks he knows everything to win a chase until he meets one very skillful criminal that he just can't seem to prosecute.

⇢ Trailer
A single father moves to a new town with his daughter after his wife commits suicide. Everything seems to be going well until he learns about his daughter's imaginary friend. 

American Psycho
Story revolves around an investment banking executive who is slowly giving into his psychotic fantasies. He hides this side of him from his friends and co-workers and finds the mask of sanity slipping.

⇢ Trailer
A teenage girl meets a older man online and they meet in person. He takes her back to his place where they get to know each other and things take a dark turn from there. She may not be as innocent as she looks.

A forensic psychiatrist stubbles upon a crazy realization when diagnosing one of her patients with multiple personality disorder. 

A teenager with mental issues is made to do things by a man in a rabbit suite that appears to him after escaping an accident.


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