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13 Reasons Why (Series Review)

"Pardon Me, but you really hurt my feelings"

The quote that is in the beginning of the series, and one that stuck with me the rest of the way through because all these kids know how to do is hurt everyone's feelings.

I am fully aware that this review is late, seeing as the series was released on March 31st of this year. I have only now gathered the courage to want to see this series for myself and now i am here to rant until i feel better about what i've done. I have had my fair share of experiences with bullies and peer pressure. I know how she feels for a good portion of this series, but i would never know how it feels to have so many things bombarded on you at once like it did for her. I would have definitely done many things differently if i was in her predicament but the initial pain is still there.

Once again, for the ones who don't know anything about "13 Reasons Why" is a Netflix Original series that revolves arounds a teenager named Clay Jenson. He has to listen to thirteen tapes that his, now deceased friend, Hannah Baker (Katherine Langford) left behind explaining her death. 

Watching "13 Reasons Why" makes the viewers life come to an abrupt halt. At this point nothing else matters but listening to her story and finding out who is responsible for disrupting her life. Tape number thirteen doesn't have to be heard for you to be able to comprehend her desperate need of isolation from the world. When she wasn't able to have that naturally she made her own isolation, and everyone knows how that ended.

Emotions will be pulled up to the surface even if you aren't paying attention to what is happening directly because you glimpse out of the corner of your eye and know that something is wrong. You can clearly see that without knowing context and you'd still be screaming at the cast as if they were morons. There are so many things about "13 Reasons Why" that personally pissed me off throughout watching it that i couldn't let go. Simple things like, who doesn't smack the shit out of the guy who grabs your ass and doesn't have the common courtesy to pretend like it was an accident? What underage kid thinks it's a good idea to drink 40 ounces in the alley next to the Liquor store in the middle of the day when everyone can see you? Little things like this made me want to lose my mind, but i won't ponder on them.

One of the biggest jokes about this series and the concept of it is the school spirit of it all. The school's colors are blue and white with a Tiger mascot, "Yes because they are just so fucking great". That's me quoting my own reaction to figuring that out. A school full of crazy ass sadistic kids get to basically represent Frosted Flakes. I know i'm taking those little details too far, but it pissed me off at the moment when everyone was cheering like they weren't total dicks.

At least they do have a tiger taking on the form of a human (metaphor) named Tony Padilla (Christian Navarro), who keeps everyone in line, and he is the most beloved character in my eyes. He is dedicated and listens to Hannah's wishes despite not having anything to do with her direct death. You can't ask for a better friend than that in your life. I would go to hell and back for him without question because i know he wouldn't mind risking a few burns for me. If only Hannah knew that before everything went to shit.

Before i just straight into the reason's she killed herself i have to say for us dark twisted souls that the soundtrack for this series was amazing and after typing this i am guaranteed to download all of it. The old songs and the new. The soundtrack makes everything for any movie or series. It lets you know what to feel at what time and paces you without you even realizing it. Whoever was responsible made it perfect.

Discussing more than the music, I feel the series was executed very well. The method of telling the story was definitely a creative approach that Hannah took. I loved and appreciated the journey that unfolded as i watched even though it may have made me cry a bit on the way. I applaud this show and it's effects it had on the audience. The ones who believe this is boring are the ones that don't want to see the world for the great black pit it is. They are so stuck in a fantasy world of fairy tales and action that they want to look away from the harsh reality. Some blame Hannah saying it was all her fault. I admit, as someone who has been bullied in one way or another, I felt she should have done a few things differently to change the outcome that ended in her death, but there are still other people accountable for making her feel as if it would be easier cruising with the devil than the people she sees everyday. I've seen a few posts saying that Hannah was selfish for wanting them to feel her pain and i say that she had a human reaction.


The parents took it the worst through everything that happened. Not only was their little girl gone, but they were left with no explanation of why. It is a great injustice for the kids who have bullied her to get an explanation before the people who tried to make everyday so bright for her. Then you have to think about the fact that Hannah was beyond repair and not thinking about what made sense or what everyone else would have wanted.

So basically here is the line up of assholes that make no kid want to go to high school:

1. Justin Foley (Brandon Flynn), the first person to be introduced on the list. He is the typical jock in this story who dates a nice girl and spreads rumors about how easy it was to get into her pants, when we all know that isn't the case. Now Hannah is known as the school slut after she gets her first kiss she hoped for from her crush. The part that caused it to escalate to such a degree actually wasn't Justin's fault, but his failure to stand up for what he knew was wrong is his ultimate downfall in this entire series. Part of me feels for Justin when you take a closer look into his home life. He hasn't grown up with the best role models and cracks under pressure in certain situation, but even his crappy environment doesn't make up for his accountability in the silence of what happens to the people around him. He choses to stick with the people who takes care of him when his own family won't and it causes him his future of freedom.

2. Jessica Davis (Alisha Boe), the bitch that i hate more than anyone else in the entire list. Yes, she even trumps the guy that goes around raping classmates. She holds the worst spot for me because she was Hannah's best friend of the year. Every girl who has had a best friend in high school knows how important that is to help you survive the struggle, and Jessica severed her life line without a second thought. Not only did she ditch Hannah but went on to date their best friend and continued to treat Hannah as if she was the one being disrespectful and rude. She also believes the words of some random guys over the word of her own friend. You never chose the person you've known for 2 minutes over the person who's been there from the start. She accuses Hannah of being the reason she gets dumped with no grounds for the accusation. She can clearly get dumped all on her own. I would never choose to date a girl like that. She can't own up to her own bullshit and insists on calling everyone liars when she is clearly lying to herself. I don't know why Hannah ever thought that Jessica was more important than her because i feel her character is just a cheap knockoff of the real thing and we can clearly see the difference. P.S. she goes on to date Justin even after knowing what he's done to her best friend. 

3. Alex Standall (Miles Heizer),  also a former best friend to Hannah. He was a part of the three muskateers that was Hannah, Jessica and Alex. He ditched them both for the cooler crowd and even went on to date Jessica. They left Hannah on her own and didn't even think to tell her they were dating. Then Alex goes on to do the dumbest thing any boy could do in High School, create a best and worst list for girl body parts. He puts Hannah on that list to make Jessica jealous for not having sex with him and end up making her a sexual target for all of the frustrated teenage boys, if it already wasn't bad enough that people thought she was a slut.

4. Tyler Down (Devin Druid), The creepy kid with the camera that stocks her and takes pictures of her and a friend kissing. He then goes to send the picture to everyone in the entire school, I still don't understand his end goal in that situation. I understand his infatuation with Hannah but what he did was just plan rude, especially when you do it to someone who has not done anything personally wrong to you. With that fact being said, i don't think what happened to him afterwards was justified. He is in a series of tapes alongside someone who straight up raped her and he seems to be the only one retrieving any real form of punishment. I'm not saying that the kids should have stopped picking on him, but another person should have been added to their list of victims.

5. Courtney Crimson (Michele Selene Ang), the lesbian that doesn't know how to get her shit together. Hannah did nothing but be nice and kind to her. She genuinely wanted to be her friend. If things played out right, maybe even more than that. Hannah doesn't seem like the type of person to care much for labeling. Courtney destroyed those chances by throwing Hannah under the bus at the slightest sign of pressure. The best thing Hannah has said to anyone through this entire series was the quote for Courtney and i wish she held on to that in her head like a fucking mantra for herself, "You don't get to fuck with my life because you don't like who you are!" This could have been used for pretty much everyone that shows up in this show.

6. Marcus Cole (Steven Silver), is simply just a complete asshole. What type of guy feels a girl up in the middle of a restaurant as she is telling you to back the fuck off. That's not a cue to see if you can get your hand further up her skirt into her panties. He shouldn't have been so surprised when she knows his ass down to the ground. He had no right to be angry with her when he was the one violating her personal space. Then he ends the night saying "I thought you were easy". I wouldn't have felt bad about that statement. It's good that you thought she a thing about her because now you see that it is not true and should never try that crap again. Hannah should have been proud of herself for being strong and standing her ground. 

7. Zach Dempsey (Ross Butler), is actually pretty innocent in this list of assholes. What he did was the equivalent of a fourth grade boy messing with the girl he likes. She rejected him and he has his initial reflect of saying that some of the bad shit that happens to her she brings upon herself. He then goes to behave like a petty child taking away the compliments she gets in class, and can't even tell her why. There wasn't any physical threat, he didn't attack her verbally, and he didn't even wish her any ill will. He was just simply getting her attention buy taking a few pieces of paper. That's all he saw it is, and that's all i see it as. Zach doesn't need to be on this list, but for someone at her level of depression it was a low blow. 

8. Ryan Shaver (Tommy Dorfman), the guy with a stick up his ass. He sees the trauma that everyone else is feeling as temporary pain that will morph into something amazing beyond high school. He took one of her most private pieces of writing where she poured out her entire heart, and published it for everyone to see. Then just like a jackass, he tells her that "your pain is important to other people", like that is supposed to mean something for her. What type of crap is that? Their english teacher even talks about the poetry in class only for her to sit there and watch it being torn apart by everyone. "You're going to thank me in the future" - Ryan. Apparently that's not going to happen. Aside from him not caring for anyone else's emotions, I admire his tenacity and fuck all attitude. He didn't care for the students or their judgement. He knew once he graduated that it was to the stars from there. Hannah could have learned a thing or two from this guy. 

9. Justin Foley, second tape!!!! What type of person do you have to be to be placed onto two completely separate tapes? That's right, the type of guy who lets your best friend rape your girlfriend. I wouldn't be able to look her in the eye anymore let alone still date her if i allowed something like that to happen. I believe he was hoping for the situation to never have to come up again and it will all be forgotten. She was drunk and didn't remember much of anything from that night, so why not? Hannah didn't get the chance to save her friend and she has to live with that guilt. Every time she sees her she is reminded that she saw what happened and did nothing to prevent it, but Justin left her there defenseless and open to the predator. Then his friend has the audacity to say "What's mine is yours". That bullshit doesn't apply to a human life. 

10. Sheri (Ajiona Alexus), is just an annoying teen. What she did wasn't even a great big deal. She accidentally knocked over a stop sign. She fucked up by not calling the cops when Hannah suggested it so it will be known that the area was unsafe. The fact that she didn't call right away wasn't a big deal either, she just needed to call by that night, but no she didn't. On top of that she left Hannah out in the middle of the night, on her own, while she was drunk. She if something else happened to Hannah that night she would have had more shit to feel guilty about besides the fact that there was an accident that happened. It is possible that someone lost their life because Sheri was being a drama queen about her dad's care, putting herself first. 

11. Clay Jensen (Dylan Minnette), was the only good part of Hannah life. The only person on the tapes that was there because she felt he needed an explanation rather than he did something to ruin her life. If anything he was the only thing that made her want to give life a try. She felt she didn't deserve him and would ruin everything. He loves her so much. He gets beaten down horribly trying to defend her honor and brings justice to her death, dealing the people who have wronged her. He definitely succeeded and that gives him brownie points. I love his character but he is very slow. Things that took people 2 seconds to figure out took him days, and he was listening to a tape a day. Everyone finished listening to them in record time and he just moves like a snail. I just wanted to finish the tapes and didn't care to much to wait for him to catch up. 

12. Bryce Walker (Justin Prentice), He's a rapist and there's nothing else you can call him. A rapist, a self entitled play boy who thinks he is forever above the law and he can do what he pleases. This guy beats people when they're out for the count, jokes about every girl in the school wanting to be raped because they seem like they're begging for it, gives out weed, drinks all day, and his parents are never around to keep him in check. He was already a disaster waiting to happen and i will be so happy to see him in prison. I'm left asking myself "What the hell is wrong with Bryce?" I also want to know why the other teenagers thought they needed to protect this asshole. They were really willing to let this guy still go around molesting people just so no one knows about their minor secrets. This doesn't make Hannah seem so selfish anymore in my opinion.

13. Mr. Porter (Derek Luke), the school counselor that sucks at his job. Everything he says is spot on and very reasonable, but some of the phrasing just made the situation worse, and he failed to do his job. Who calmly tells a girl who's been raped to just let it go? The senior will graduate and you'll never see him again. That was the first mistake, then he doesn't call the parents to inform them she is hurting or thinking that she wants life to stop when he previously stated that he is obligated to report it. He should definitely be fired. He let a traumatized student walk out of his office without informing anyone.

Hannah just ended up in the wrong town, with the wrong friends, and the biggest jerks. 

"FML Forever"


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