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LEGION (Season One Review)

The first season of Legion has officially come to a undesirable end!

For all those that know nothing about Legion, He is the son of Professor X. This character falls into the category of antihero with Deadpool because he doesn't take into account the wellbeing of the world before lighting the place up. Legion has a super mutant version of dissociative identity disorder where each of his alternate personas has their own superpowers. So the first season only touches the tip of the iceberg with this creature.  

The series is fascinating in many ways that surprised me. It will persuade you to feel as though you are tripping on acid trying to follow along with the missing pieces of time and the main character's perception of his fantasy world mixed with our reality. You will literally be taken through the mind of a man that was told his is schizophrenic for majority of his life. His mental break downs, traumatic experiences, nightmares, his demon is so vividly put on display for the world to see and share in his pain.

The actor chosen to play David Haller (Dan Stevens), a.k.a Legion, is amazing in his role. He effortlessly jumps from one emotion to another and is able to physically show us the characters psychological struggle when he is lost, hurting and begging for help throughout the entire season. He is fighting his way to grasp what is real, breaking down barriers inside his own mind. His bright blue eyes definitely helps on scenes when he is not in the right state of mind and they seem to intensify the vibe, giving a strong intimidation factor believing his eyes could burn through flesh. Viewers may question if that's one of his powers and mentally retreat when he gives the look. David is stuck in his own delusions of being mentally ill, going nowhere, until he is introduced to the lovely Syd.

Syd Barrett (Rachel Keller) is also a mutant with the power to switch places with others when in direct contact with her skin. She arrives at the same mental facility as David and they immediately become involved with one another. Syd has proven to be the MvP when it comes to girlfriends goals. I honestly thought she was going to be the shady biotch of the series when the show first began, but then you realize she is genuinely ready to jump in front of a bullet for a man she can't even touch. She has gained all of my respect as a human being. She outdoes herself becoming the smartest person in the room knowing what's going on and how everything escalates before anyone gets the chance to catch on to the danger. So far this character has the closest understanding of what David is going through, taking note of every small detail helping everyone piece together what he really is.

Now it is time to discuss the person that matters the most. LENNY (Aubrey Plaza), a.k.a Shadow King, is what brought the show to life and filled our heads with the beautiful delusions it's painted for us. Note that i say "It" because it is virtually pointless to try and identify a gender for this character without giving yourself a headache. Lenny is basically a mutant parasite that has latched itself onto David as a child and hasn't let go. It is everything you would ever hope for in the main villain. The antagonist of any story has to be amazing in order to keep the journey a float. Without the villain the hero would have no purpose, and this one gives me many reasons to live. It is funny, scary, seductive, manipulative, and everywhere David goes. Seeing the way it works its way into David and tricks everyone around him into forgetting all encounters so it can continue to feed on his power was just genius. Not only did it do the task of breaking down its antagonist, but it did it in style.

The other characters have done their parts well to fill in the pieces to the puzzle helping develop the plot of what is wrong with David, but i believe the most important people held that the focal point were the three characters above. They made the major decisions that changed the outcome of David's sanity bringing forth the powers that he has unconsciously suppressed inside himself. Everyone else paved the way for the showdown in the end, giving Syd an opportunity to save her man from the crazy ass Lenny Demon. The ending left a great big open space for anything that can happen in season two while also satisfying my need to know what would happen with David and Lenny and how he'd be once they were separated.

I feel as though my heart started to slowly crack continuing to break into a million pieces when i realized the season only consisted of eight episodes. Then I began to think of the production costs, elaborate scenery, and the sheer amount of information/detail brought to each episode. Eight episodes brought me pure joy, especially considering there are series shot overseas with only three episodes in a season. I would not be able to mentally cope with the idea Legion stopping abruptly with the vast amount of information needing to be told.

Apart from the story being amazing, the scenery was phenomenal. There wasn't one style of shooting for the entire show. The scenes switches from old school black and white silent movie awesomeness, to random dance numbers, and chalk board animations that made me lose my mind. Legion is one of the best series i have seen in a long time and suggest it to anyone who likes their mind to be challenged.

It is best to watch the entire show at once rather than wait each week for a new piece to this gigantic puzzle. Legion is a must watch series for everyone. If you want to give it a shot you can find this show on Hulu, FOX app/website, or wait to buy the entire series on Blu-Ray.

Legion Official Trailer


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