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LEGION (Season One Review)

The first season of Legion has officially come to a undesirable end!

For all those that know nothing about Legion, He is the son of Professor X. This character falls into the category of antihero with Deadpool because he doesn't take into account the wellbeing of the world before lighting the place up. Legion has a super mutant version of dissociative identity disorder where each of his alternate personas has their own superpowers. So the first season only touches the tip of the iceberg with this creature.

The series is fascinating in many ways that surprised me. It will persuade you to feel as though you are tripping on acid trying to follow along with the missing pieces of time and the main character's perception of his fantasy world mixed with our reality. You will literally be taken through the mind of a man that was told his is schizophrenic for majority of his life. His mental break downs, traumatic experiences, nightmares, his demon is so vividly put on display for th…

Lucious Bleeds!!!

It has finally happened!!!!!

In the last few moments of "Season 3 Episode 10" of Empire, Ms. Cookie Lyon (Taraji P. Henson) finally snaps to the point of shedding blood.

This is my new favorite episode from any season, and i don't believe anything can top this state of euphoria I am in right now. Not only does the audience see the Legendary Lucious Lyon (Terrance Howard) bleed, but we also see him cry like a human being because Cookie hits home. The result could have also come from her smashing his temple with a bat, giving him a glorious concussion. Either way, his pain was the highlight of my night. For those who think i may be crazy for laughing at someone's misfortune, you obviously know nothing about Luscious Lyon's character.

The man known as the face of Empire has done nothing but bestow chaos to anyone within a mile radius of his being. The character may as well be the devil himself disguised as a human man claiming to be a god for us mere mortals to wor…

L'Oreal Pure Clay Face Mask (Product Review)

First I must say, if you haven't yet tried the new L'Oreal Pure Clay face masks you should definitely purchase one today. They are one of the most amazing products I have ever used.

I received these masks for free in exchange for a honest review of the product through a site called BzzAgent. This was the first item I had been given to review and I couldn't have been more pleased with what i received.

These three masks are designed to be fit for all skin types, it's just a matter of piecing together which one provides the best results for your skin.
Descriptions of each:

Red Algae - Exfoliants and refines pores. 

Charcoal - Detox and Brightening 

Eucalyptus - Purifies and Mattifies

Each jar is retailed for about $9.28, and there is a sufficient amount of product. I believe customers can get more out of this product than buying individual face masks. I received all three mask variations, which is about $30 I would have gladly spent to make my skin feel the way it does …