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A blog created to answers questions, share information, share stories, tips, and suggestions. 
This blog is very personal for me because I have so much cluttered information in my head and I feel this is the best medium to get some of these things out. Yes, I do want to get a fan base and make this site more popular but that's not my first priority. I need some way to speak when no one else is listening. This is where I want to live and just visit society every now and then.

This is a blog I have created for everyone who is interested. No one should be lift out. We talk about movies, games, beauty products, etc. I am hoping that this will be a fun interactive place for people to share their life experiences, get involved, or just ask questions.

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Recent posts

Stranger Things is Back!!!

Eleven is back!!!!!
Stranger Things is here for it's season two premiere and I am incredibly excited. The last time we've seen the beautiful Eleven, she had just used her powers on a massive level to save her friends. She demolished a Demogorgon and ended up sending herself back to The Upside Down.
We also cannot forget that Will Byers is now at a point where he is in both our dimension and The Upside Down at the same time. At least that is the conclusion i have come up with from my observation after he was taken by the Demogorgon in season one. That ability can come to be a great advantage as well as a huge downfall for a traumatized kid such as himself.
Now the new concern is the huge monster that appears in the clouds at the end of the teaser trailer. I am so excited and terrified for what may occur and we get to see it all next week.
Get ready for Halloween!!!!
I'm sure this season will make you tremble 😈

Deathnote Expectations

Deathnote is a new Netflix original movie based on the anime of the same name. Most people that i know are already taking a negative response to the movie before it's release due to the serious white washing of the story and characters. The anime takes place in Tokyo with all asian characters and the movie is full of caucasians. I personally am not happy with this choice either, but i will give respect where it's due if the execution outweighs my disappointment in the casting choices.

Everyone must keep in mind also that this isn't a remake of any kind. The movie will be based on elements we know from the anime but it will not be the same storyline. There will be a new plot with new surrounds and different circumstances. That aspect calms me down for the simple idea that more people will have a insight on the world of us anime nerds. A variety of people never get into the hardcore anime society for purposes of subtitles, not identifying with characters, and some s…

The Defenders (Series Release)

Next week is the huge premiere of the this new and lovely series "The Defenders" and i'm ready to see these people kick some ass. For the ones unfamiliar with these characters, you can read a brief summary of each below. For all of the nerds who are officially caught up to today's events in these series, this isn't a real shock. These four were bound to run into each other at some point in time. If not because they obviously have the comic book saying they will meet, but simply because they are in the same state and they are bound to cross the same bad guy that wants the super people to stop interfering in their business.
Now is the time to meet the members of this little band.

Iron Fist (a.k.a) Danny Rand The most recent of the four Netflix original releases is "Iron Fist". This series revolves around Danny Rand, who is a assumed to be dead billionaire. The main power he has, other than great martial arts skills, is the ability to direct his internal c…

Game of Thrones Returns!!!!!!

I am not prepared for this new season in any type of way. I am expecting to cry, have a heart attack, break things, and everything else in between. Rulers have been all switched around, people introduced to new lands, and creatures trying to kill them all. I'm so happy right now!

Game of Thrones is one of the most intense series I have every watched in my entire life. I am more than ready for hell to raise in Westeros and then freeze over when winter arrives!!! The fact that not one but two trailers were released has not helped me calm down either. The trailers are below if you haven't seen them yet.

Lets recap on everything that has happened so far, shall we? Arya is a freaking monster assassin who can change faces and is now going to kill off each of her enemies one by one. Jon Snow is back from the dead and the New King of the North, thanks to Sansa finally growing a pair of lady balls. Apparent when she fed Ramsey to his starving dogs.

Cersei is now in charge of the Iron T…

Waitin' on Miley

Miley's Rockin' Out
I as a fan would be above and beyond if Miley Cyrus takes a full dive into Rock/Alternative Music. I feel like that is what she's been leading up to and i'm ready to just arrive at this brand new destination. We've seen her do Pop, Country, Hip-Hop, etc for her albums and this is what should definitely be next on the list. She has the pipes for it but I feel she is always holding back. She seems so passionate and happy when she's whaling on a older, more gritty song. I want to see her like that all the time.

We already know her to be head strong, breaking the rules, and not giving a damn about who sees her do it. That attitude and passion she puts into things is exactly what Rock is. Lay your heart out on the track for everyone to hear. Cry, scream, stomp, and laugh all you want till you reach the last second of the recording. Here are few examples of what i'm talking about. I'm aware one of them is a Blues song but she screams on it…


Ke$ha has finally come back with her new song titled "Praying". I think this is the happiest I have ever been watching one of her music videos. I almost cried at the intensity of her vocals and being able to see what she can really do as an artist. I've always felt like part of her was holding back and now those chains are off and i'm ready to hear more of her amazing voice.

How great she sounds is only the first good thing about this video. I love how empowering and vulnerable it is. You see the struggle, pain, and her willingness to fight which just made this even more breathtaking. This is beyond what was expected from looking at the cover picture. The video is below for the ones who haven't seen it yet. You will not regret watching this at all if you are a Ke$ha fan.

Her brand new album "Rainbow" is set to be released on August 11th, and I can assure you that I will be listening to every song on there. The anticipation to see this side of he…