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Girlboss is Badass!


"This is now my new favorite show and it screams at my soul"

I was on the brink of tears multiple times because i realized that i am almost exactly like Sophia, apart from being extremely bitchy. I am 23 years old myself and struggling to find my path on what i want to do with my future. I don't have a particular passion for anything yet, but i am fully aware that i don't want to get lost behind a desk listening to people who suck at what they do then repeat the same process tomorrow. That is the definition of insanity!

The choice for the main character Sophia was the best person ever and i don't see any other person on the planet doing the character justice besides Britt Robertson. She was incredibly fierce and unforgiving which was just purely amazing to watch. I may end up watching the entire season again just to admire her performance. Playing a character like Sophia requires a major set of balls.

I'm not sure if Sophia is brave or just cr…
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L'Oreal Hydrating Miracle

Hydra Genius
The L'Oreal Hydra Genius collection consist of the most recent moisturizers released by the brand. These moisturizers are said to have 72 hours of Intense and Continuous Hydration. I am here to say that the statement is completely true and I thought it would just be a bunch of crap. Most products that i've tried that say to have such intense moisture seem to be underwhelming and I didn't expect this to be any different. I am more than happy to be surprised by L'oreal stepping their game up in the skincare department. 
Apparently the formulas breaks into water upon contact with skin to deliver instant hydration and quick absorption. They are infused with Aloe Water and Hyaluronic Acid. There are labels for 3 skin types:

Normal/Dry SkinNormal/Oily SkinExtra Dry Skin
This is the first time I have ever seen a label specifically for people with "EXTRA" dry skin. I've always tried to find products for dry skin and none of them seem to hold up, but n…

Friday the 13th (Game Release)

I shouldn't have to explain this to anyone, but this game is based on the horror movie of the same name. If you are not a horror movie fan or just know nothing about Friday the 13th, then you should do some research before you get this game. For all of us up to date, Welcome the return of Jason Voorhees.
Friday the 13th is a multiplayer survival horror game for everyone who can handle the stress. A maximum of eight players can be on the same game at once. Seven players will be the counselors of the Camp Crystal Lake going against one player who chooses to be Jason himself. Camp Crystal Lake is a semi-open world in the video game, so you have the privilege to explore the lands. At first i felt that having seven players against one was unfair to the player who gets Jason until i learned that he is basically a god in this video game. Jason will has heightened hearing and vision along with the ability to freaking teleport. WHO THE HELL CAN TELEPORT?! This is precisely why you …

Injustice 2 (Game Release)

Injustice 2
Story Trailer

There isn't much to be explained about this game for all of the comic book and video game nerds like myself. It is basically a fighting game with all of your favorite superheroes and villains. The fighting style is fairly similar to that of Mortal Kombat with extra perks.

Just as i've said before I will always try to post an article a week before any releases so everyone can prepare themselves to get their hands on it first. If there is any new releases for anything, or you'd like to know more details just let me know in the comments.

All of the same original characters will be there, but with new upgrades and feature. Some are modified to look like the movie versions of the characters as well. I have a list of the returning fighters and the new ones below. If you click on the names it will send you to a YouTube videos that gives you a introduction of each character so you are well informed before you receive the game. Many of the returning chara…

Prey (Game Release)

"Prey" is about to be released on Friday, so everyone should get prepared.
Here is a bit of background for the people who don't know about this game. Prey is a first person shooter game that revolves around the character Morgan Yu. He is basically a lab rat used to test experiments designed to improve the human species. You wake up unaware of what's happening and you must figure out what is going on while you're being harassed by some alien creatures. The over all goal, like any other game, is to survive. I also forgot to mention it is the year 2032.  
This game is a reboot of the original with the same name. I was unaware of this until i wrote this article because i have never personally played the original. It is not intended to be a sequel of any kind but a complete remake of the same idea. If you're interested in playing this game you can check out the trailer below or watch the Gameplay to what you're getting yourself into. 

Release …

The Magicians Finale (Season Two Review)

SPOILER ALERT: Anyone who hasn't seen 'The Magicians' may not want to read some of the things i write below during my rant, but if you don't care for spoilers continue. What i say won't change the effect of how you will feel seeing everything happen as you watch.

Season Two Trailer
So let's begin with saying this show deals with too much shit!
"Magic doesn't come from talent it comes from pain. The worst shit is somehow the exact shit that makes you better." - Eliot
This is the world where depression is an honor. The person who has given up on seeing any flicker of light in their future, any hopes, dreams, aspirations, or even just getting laid are the people with the most power. So you can have the greatest power in the world and never be able to enjoy it because power is equivalent to pain. Unless you sever your shade/soul, then in that case you may run around killing people like a delusional psychopath. The most powerful man walking around was re…

Outlast 2 is Amongst Us (Game Release)


Outlast 2 Trailer

Next week is the official release of Outlast 2 Horror game fans get ready!!!
I posted this a week in advance to get everyone prepared for the release. This game may sell out quickly, and the limited bundle packs will definitely vanish. So get ready for April 25th!!!

The original game scared the crap out of me, and it is definitely not suitable for children. Parents should not buy this game for their child unless they want them to have nightmares, then by all means scare the little rascals. I could not play this game alone because i was unnaturally terrified. The only way i was able to make it through was because of my two younger brothers and our dog being there to calm down my girlish squeals. The sibling with the most steady hands take control, I then look for minor details he misses (such as batteries and documents), and the third takes a mental map of the scenery so we know where and when to run for our lives.

If you haven't already pl…

Psychological Movies For the Weirdos

This list will be updated regularly as a quick reference for Psychological Movie fans.

This list is made for us weird people who watch the strangest things that make everyone else question our sanity. We like mystery, puzzles, sex, and blood all mixed together in the worst way. When you watch these movies you feel as though you are tripping on a few drugs you don't remember taking. 
The Cell
Trailer ⇠
A serial killer has abducted a young woman and hidden her away. She only has so long to live and the only way to find her is for a social worker, with access to new technology that allows her to enter his mind, to put the pieces together..

FBI trainees with the Psychological profiling program are stranded together on an island and find there is a killer hiding amongst them.
Trailer ⇠
50 strangers are held captive, dying one by one, and they must choose who amongst them deserves to live.

Fight Club ⇢ Trailer
A type office worker is bored with his life and comes …

13 Reasons Why (Series Review)

"Pardon Me, but you really hurt my feelings"
The quote that is in the beginning of the series, and one that stuck with me the rest of the way through because all these kids know how to do is hurt everyone's feelings.

I am fully aware that this review is late, seeing as the series was released on March 31st of this year. I have only now gathered the courage to want to see this series for myself and now i am here to rant until i feel better about what i've done. I have had my fair share of experiences with bullies and peer pressure. I know how she feels for a good portion of this series, but i would never know how it feels to have so many things bombarded on you at once like it did for her. I would have definitely done many things differently if i was in her predicament but the initial pain is still there.
Once again, for the ones who don't know anything about "13 Reasons Why" is a Netflix Original series that revolves arounds a teenager named C…

As I Am (Product Review)

This is for all of the natural haired black women of the world
If you are searching for products that really work for your natural hair this is a great start
Product Review
As I Am hair products happen to be some of the most amazing products i have used for my hair. As a Black woman it is difficult trying to find things that work well to manage my huge frizzy afro that appears after washing and blow drying my hair. On top of the difficulty, i have severe eczema, psoriasis and anything else you can name it that deals with dry flaky skin. No matter how many products test, i could never find anything to keep my hair moisturized and keep my scalps from being irritated and flaky. Since using these products i have only had to deal with the smallest fraction of what i had to before and i am forever grateful for that. I've said goodbye to the unnecessary steps to keeping my hair healthy

The packaging also is beautiful. As a graphic designer i can appreciate the simple elegant look that i…